You sound so familiar!

My first voiceover work was around 1987 when I was tasked to record the messages to go out from my college newspaper over the broadcast PA announcements. I sat down every week and recorded the messages, which I also had to write, with a simple Radio Shack cassette tape recorder (for you youngsters out there who might not know what that is, you’ll find one of those in the Smithsonian, next to the caveman’s stone tool exhibits).

As with much of my work, since that time, I have voiced dozens of commercials, videos, podcasts, and public address announcements. I have an in-house recording studio and work with professional producer Julie Barth to provide your project with the best possible audio quality.

Voice Work Samples

Sample 1. Hold Messaging Voiceover

Sample 2. EF Hutton Video Voiceover – FAVR Coin – 2018

Sample 3. EF Hutton Conference Radio Ad – 2018